Thursday, May 22, 2014

When We Wake by Karen Healey

Tegan is hoping to be kissed by her crush when she attends a protest in 2027.  Instead, she is shot and killed, awakening 100 years later.  Tegan was saved by an experimental cryogenic procedure and is the first of her kind to be woken.  Tegan is grateful for a second chance at life but finds the new world much different.  And she is even more surprised to find that she is the center of a debate about whether cryogenics should be allowed.  Tegan wants to work on establishing her new life but the government agency that woke her controls most aspects of her life and they are not telling anyone the entire truth about anything.  This book has an intriguing premise but didn't have anything that surprised me as it went along.  But, for fans of this type of sci fi, it's probably good for them.