Monday, June 9, 2014

Fourth Down and Inches by Carla Killough McClafferty

This book addresses the growing concern about concussions in football and it is fascinating but also terrifying!  It begins with the history of football where players wore no helmets or padding.  Although concussions were not a concern at that time, there were seasons that were cancelled after players died from the hard hits they were receiving.  Eventually, players were required to start wearing gear to protect them but it was nothing like uniforms today.  But the book points out that even with the amount of protective gear worn by players today, the effects of the sport are evident.  We are beginning to realize how dangerous concussions are, but studies show that the hits a player receives that don't lead to concussion are just as dangerous over time.  And young players - high school and younger - are at the greatest risk.  I left this book wondering why we continue to let people play this sport considering the obvious dangers of it.