Monday, July 14, 2014

45 Pounds More or Less by K. A. Barson

Ann is a size 17 and is tired of being judged for her size.  She has tried more diets than she can count but with her Aunt Jackie's wedding coming up in just two months Ann decides to try a new plan she sees on an infomercial.  Ann realizes that her biggest negative influence is her own mother who is a perfect size 6 and who never eats anything.  Ann does begin losing weight but her new diet plan is difficult to stick to especially with the pressures from her mother, dance lessons, a new job, false friends, and cute guy who just might be interested in Ann.  This book is pretty realistic in that Ann doesn't magically lose all the weight she wishes.  I appreciated her struggles and her final solution for eating right but I'm pretty tired of stories where the overweight person feels sad and squashes his/her emotions with a big pile of food.  Not every fat person does that.  Also, the realization about her mother's eating and Ann's reaction to that didn't entirely ring true for me in some way.