Monday, July 14, 2014

A Matter of Days by Amber Kizer

When the BluStar pandemic came it killed most of the human population including Nadia's parents.  Nadia and her younger brother Rabbit survived because their uncle came to give them an immunization days before the virus became widespread.  Their uncle also left directions for them to find a way to get from Seattle to West Virginia as soon as possible to seek shelter with their survivalist grandfather.  On day 56 of BluStar they set out cross country but the other survivors they encounter aren't all as kind and helpful as they are.  In addition to the people they must avoid, Nadia and Rabbit meet Zack, a boy they decide to take with them as well as an injured dog and a talkative bird.  This story of post apocalyptic life moves a bit slowly at first and then much too quickly at the end so it wasn't my favorite.  However, I did appreciate that there were some decent survivors in the mix.  I don't understand why all the people in every post-apocalyptic book/movie/TV show are evil scavengers out to kill everyone else left behind.  Why do only the worst people survive?  But this book had some nice people, including a man teaching domestic animals how to survive without any owners around to help them.