Monday, July 7, 2014

Also Known as Elvis by James Howe

Skeezie is a member of the Gang of Five along with his friends Joe, Bobby and Addie.  Each of them have things that make them outcasts from most of the school and Skeezie's thing is that he is perceived as the troublemaker.  Three years after his father abandoned the family his mother is struggling to make ends meet so Skeezie takes a job at a local diner to help out.  But just as he is adjusting to that his father shows back up trying to make up with his kids during the same week all of Skeezie's friends have left town.  Then he really throws Skeezie for a loop when he asks his son to move in with him and his new wife.  This book is a companion to Howe's The Misfits, a book I really enjoyed as well as the book focused on Addie.  This one didn't move me the way those two did but it's still a solid choice.