Thursday, July 3, 2014

In the After by Demitria Lunetta

After They appeared in their ships and took over the world, Ann managed to be one of the few humans to survive because of the solar-powered electric fence her parents had erected around their house.  Although Ann has a lot of provisions thanks to her parents, she still has to leave her compound to find food on occasion and on one such trip to the grocery store, she finds Baby, a young girl who miraculously hasn't been eaten and attacked by Them.  Ann takes Baby home and the two communicate with their own form of sign language since even the smallest noise attracts Them.  After surviving on their own for a couple of years, Ann and Baby have to leave their home when some other survivors show up and take it over. Surprisingly, however, they are rescued by a military group that is rebuilding human society while keeping Them at bay.  But life in the new city isn't the salvation Ann had envisioned and she begins to question what actually happened before and after They showed up.  Loved this sci fi book!  It is divided into two distinct parts - the time when Ann and Baby are living alone and the time after they are rescued.  The section after their rescue is told in alternating chapters of present day and what is happening with Ann then and flashbacks to their introduction to the compound and what has led up to Ann's problems now.  I am months behind on my blogging and usually I can barely remember a book but this one is as clear as can be because the story has stuck with me.  Good apocalyptic, dystopian, alien fiction!