Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lockwood & Company: The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

Lucy is one of the young people in London who have the ability to see and banish the many ghosts that are haunting the city.  Ever since the spirits began appearing many agencies for hire have formed to eradicate specific ghosts.  Lucy finds work with Lockwood, a young man who runs his own company without help from any adults.  Lucy, Lockwood and sarcastic researcher George make a good team but one mistake on a job leaves their business in a precarious position.  The only way to raise the money they need to save their agency is to take on a job no one of sound mind would tackle - cleaning a house that has killed many agents before them with a room full of blood and a screaming staircase.  Ever-confident Lockwood has no worries about the job and has a few tricks up his sleeve but Lucy and George aren't so sure.  This is a unique, fun story set in our world that just happens to be haunted.  I loved all the characters and the hauntings and the way the bad guys got what was coming to them in the end!  Don't like the cover much, though.  And I just figured out that I can include covers with my summaries/reviews!