Monday, July 14, 2014

Silver by Chris Wooding

Paul started attending Mortingham Boarding Academy after the death of his parents less than a year ago.  He is just starting to deal with their deaths when something strange happens at school.  It begins with an unusual silver beetle that bites another student.  The student who is bitten falls sick and begins turning metallic as well.  Then Paul sees a silver dog that attacks the headmaster.  In no time at all much of the school is infected with whatever is happening and the Infected are relentless in their attempts to attack those who are still human.  Paul is one of the few students who manage to lock themselves into the science building hoping they can fend off the Infected until help arrives.  But with the speed the disease seems to spread, they're beginning to wonder if there will be anyone left to rescue them.  A fun, somewhat typical zombie (although they're not actually zombies) book with some really good gory descriptions and lots of deaths.