Saturday, July 5, 2014

Strike Three You're Dead by Josh Berk

Lenny loves baseball even though he's no good at playing it.  Instead, he focuses his attention on being an announcer.  So when he hears about a contest where the winner gets a chance to announce an inning live at a Phillies game, Lenny gets busy preparing his entry.  He wins the coveted spot and is having the time of his life at the game until the young star pitcher drops dead when he takes the mound.  Officially, he died of a heart attack but Lenny has a feeling that something else has happened so he begins investigating with his two friends, Mike and Mike.  I read a different book by Berk several years ago that I loved so I was really looking forward to this one but it left me cold.  I found the device of two friends with the same name just annoying and the mystery didn't catch  my attention at all.