Monday, July 14, 2014

Surrounded by Sharks by Michael Northrop

Surrounded By SharksDuring his family's trip to the Keys Davey wakes up early one morning and decides to explore the island in order to find a quiet place to read.  He comes across a quiet, secluded beach and although there is a sign labeled "No Swimming", he goes in the water and ends up out to sea after being caught in a rip current.  When his family wakes up they go looking for Davey but no one suspects that he would actually be in the water.  Davey's predicament comes about in a totally plausible manner and the danger he faces is not just from the sharks but also from the sun, dehydration and exhaustion.  The slowness of the rescuers was frustrating to me but I think the steps (or lack of steps in some cases) they took might be completely realistic as well.  A good read for reluctant readers or those just looking for some adventure and survival.