Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tales From My Closet by Jennifer Anne Moses

Justine's family has moved crossed country and she has to start over at a new school.  At her old school she was known for her vintage, unusual fashion sense so she decides to make a big statement on the first day of school in her paper dress.  But by lunchtime she feels like a freak and decides to blend in from here on out.  Justine's not the only one having problems.  Becka is self-conscious about her swimmer's body and wishes she could wear the white jeans her mother scrimped and saved to buy for her.  And Bianca, Polly and Anne each have their own family and fashion problems.  Could these five girls ever become friends?  A good book for teen girls who love fashion and for those girls who feel that everyone is judging them for the way they look - and isn't that every girl?