Friday, July 4, 2014

The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond by Brenda Woods

Violet is biracial but she never met her African-American father who died when she was a baby.  She loves her mother, grandparents and sister but is tired of people asking if she's adopted when she's with her family.  When Violet learns that her paternal grandmother is a well-known artist who will having an exhibit nearby she convinces her mom to take her to meet Bibi for the first time.  They have a rocky start but Bibi realizes she has let past resentments get in the way of a relationship with her granddaughter so she invites Violet to spend a week at her house.  Violet is thrilled to finally be part of a family that looks just like her and teaches her about the other part of her heritage.  Wanted to like this more than I did but I found it a little heavy handed in some parts.  I was perhaps most dismayed with Bibi's sudden change of heart about everything after she had completely cut ties with Violet's mother - and therefore Violet - years before.  Despite that, there were two lines that resonated with me quite awhile after I had finished the book so I can't completely write it off.