Friday, July 11, 2014

The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Will is at the ceremony to drive a golden spike that will finish the railroad line his father has been working on for years when an avalanche and a sasquatch attack disrupt the occasion.  Three years later, Will's father has risen to be in charge of the railroad company and they are both aboard the maiden trip of The Boundless, a seven mile long train pulling 900 cars including an entire circus and an impenetrable funeral car with the deceased railroad baron's body.  At a stop Will witnesses a murder by someone he recognizes and realizes the man is planning to steal the golden spike which is rumored to be in the funeral car.  The man recognizes Will as well who is now on board the very end of the train.  The only way to work his way back to first class is to join up with beautiful tightrope walker Maren and mysterious ringmaster Mr. Dorian while facing constant danger from the killer and his henchmen, sasquatch, muskeg hags, trips on top of the railroad cars, and the wendigo.  Such a great book!  Classic Oppel adventure with twists, turns, magic, and truly evil bad guys.