Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

Isadora is the daughter of Isis and Osiris, ancient Egyptian gods, but she is human.  Ever since she learned that her parents weren't going to make her immortal Isadora has hated them.  So when she gets the chance to move to San Diego to live with one of her many human siblings she jumps at the chance.  But even halfway around the world she's not free of her mother's controlling nature and learns that she has to work at the local museum setting up an exhibit of Isis' artwork.  She's also troubled by bad dreams but Isadora is sure they don't mean anything.  At the museum she meets Tyler, a bubbly girl who immediately becomes her first friend.  She also meets Ry, an amazing-looking guy who seems to know more about Isadora than seems possible and wants more of a relationship than she is willing to give. Even though Isadora is trying to get away from her life among the Gods, she can feel that something is not right and danger might be dead ahead.  A fine paranormal romance for fans of that genre.  I found Isadora's anger at her mother annoying and the resolution in their relationship way too quick to be believable, but believability is not really a standard for a fantasy like this.