Friday, July 4, 2014

The Fallout by S. A. Bodeen

At the end of The Compound Eli and his family managed to escape from the nightmare world their father had created in his fallout shelter.  Now they are trying to adjust to life above ground with Eli's twin brother Eddy while avoiding the media frenzy surrounding their lives.  Eli's mother is fiercely overprotective but the children manage to convince her to allow them short trips to local attractions which is where they meet a new friend who leads them into a danger they thought they would never have to face again.  I loved The Compound so I was eagerly anticipating this sequel but it fell completely flat.  The majority of the book included dull descriptions of things such as what the family sees at Costco.  When danger rears its head towards the end of the book the action picks up but it is too late to salvage the rest of the story at that point.