Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Lost Kingdom by Matthew Kirby

Billy is happily surprised when his father invites him to go along on an expedition with his secret society of philosophers and scientists.  Billy's father is a botanist and Billy hopes to follow in his footsteps so he views this trip as a chance to see what his father does in the field.  But this trip has a much bigger goal than plant gathering.  The society will be taking their flying airship out of Philadelphia and across the frontier to find the mythical Welsh colony of Medoc in the hope that they will join the colonists in fighting the French.  Along the way the group will face French soldiers, a bearwolf and a traitor in their midst. 

In general tone this book is similar to Boundless which I also read recently but nowhere near as engaging.  Although both are set in the past and are nearly historical fiction except for a few magical things, this one read much more like actual historical fiction without the fun of Boundless.  I was also highly distracted by Billy's father's prejudice.  I know there was supposed to be a point to it and that it highlighted how Billy is different from his dad but it just felt like unnecessary racism as his father complained about the Indians again and again.