Friday, August 8, 2014

Promise of Shadows by Justina Ireland

Zephyr is a Harpy who has been banished to the underworld after killing a god, something that should have been impossible.  Her new best friend in Cass who has protected Zephyr several times in the Pits.  Zephyr knows it's only a matter of time before one of the many mythological creatures who are after her finally succeed in killing her once and for all.  So she jumps at the chance to escape to the mortal realm with her childhood friend Tallon who somehow has the ability to travel through the rift between the two worlds.  Once there, she finds that everyone believes she is the Nyx,a dark hero foretold to bring down Hera and her accolytes and restore balance to the world.  Zephyr is sure they are wrong because she certainly doesn't feel like a hero but events have been set in motion that can't be stopped and Zephyr seems to be exuding the power to handle them. 

There are a lot of mythology books out there now but this one has some different twists to it.  The more I reflect on it the more I remember so it's more complex than several others I've read recently. 
In fact, my summary doesn't even include the nature of her powers or what's happening with Tallon, whether we can trust Cass, her Harpy training, and her aunt - all of which are important to the story.  A different take on a popular genre.