Friday, August 8, 2014

Tsarina by J. Nelle Patrick

Natalya knows that one day she will be the Tsarina of Russia once she marries her childhood friend Alexi and he takes his rightful place as Tsar.  Natalya worries about Alexi's health since he has a disease that causes him to bleed uncontrollably.  But Alexi has a secret he shares with Natalya:  his family has a Faberge egg that is filled with magical protection thanks to the sorcerer Rasputin.  As long as the Romanovs control the egg they will be healthy and continue their rule of Russia.  But the people of Russia are tired of starving and working hard while the noble people party.  The Reds stage and uprising to overthrow the Romanovs and share the power equally so Alexi and his family have to go into hiding.  Natalya and her friend Emilia try to escape St. Petersburg but are kidnapped by the Reds who know about the magical egg and want to use it for themselves.  Natalya is determined to protect the man she loves and vows to get the egg out of Russia herself, even if that means getting closer to her kidnapper and learning about his cause.

Obviously, this book is set against the backdrop of the Russian revolution with the real ruling family and their fate as well as actual events that happened at that time.  It is mostly historical fiction with just a little magic in the form of the egg.  What happens in the story is not a surprise.  Natalya is a strong heroine and while the book wasn't a favorite, it's a reliable adventure.