Monday, September 29, 2014

Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey

Millie is the star reporter for her school newspaper and she gets the scoop of a lifetime when she discovers the body of the football coach.  The coach was disliked by everyone so there is no end to the list of possible suspects, including Millie's father who was the disgruntled assistant coach.  Millie ends up working with cute, mysterious Chase who seems to have a lot of secrets of his own.  As they investigate, Millie learns that there was more to the coach than meets the eye and that almost anyone can be a killer in disguise.

Millie is a fun character and Chase is appropriately hiding a secret that makes him even more appealing.  The story overall is light but good enough for a quick read.  It is just a little mature in some of the comments that are made so it's a bit more high school-ish than middle, but not too far off the mark.