Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson

Silver is old enough to take the Reckoning, a process that determines your place in society.  No one can explain exactly what happens in the Reckoning because each person's experience is different.  After finishing Silver is pleased to find that she is a Member, the second highest ranking which will give her some special opportunities.  But she is not happy when she is one of people chosen to be an Offering to the King.  Each year 30 teens are selected randomly to go to the castle to help the king as a thank you for what he did to end the war many years before.  No one knows what the Offerings do but none of them ever return to their homes.  During a feast on their first night at the castle Silver and the others learn exactly what their futures hold as Offerings....

A great, great dystopia in an already crowded field!  I thought I knew what was happening but I was still surprised by lots of things in the story.  Truly evil characters, constant danger and strong protagonists.