Monday, October 6, 2014

Since You've Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Emily and her best friend Sloane have planned the best summer ever.  But when summer actually begins, Sloane is nowhere to be found.  Her house is deserted and she's not returning any of the dozens of texts Emily sends her.  After a bewildering couple of weeks Emily gets a to-do list in the mail.  Although there is no explanation, she knows it must be from Sloane who had a habit of making such lists in the past.  Emily decides that if she completes the list it will lead her to Sloane so she gets started.  But many of the tasks on the list are things she would never do on her own - things she would only ever attempt if Sloane was with her.  Still, she gets started with "Apple picking at night" which leads her to an uncomfortable evening alone at a party in The Orchard made even worse when her car runs out of gas and she has to ask class president Frank to take her to a gas station.  Before Emily knows it she is trying all sorts of things she never would have imagined and is unexpectedly becoming closer to Frank.  But will all of her daring exploits actually get her closer to her best friend?

This book has a fun premise and the to-do list keeps the plot moving along.  But the story was much too long for me given what there was to work with.  And I found myself very frustrated by the bumps in Emily and Frank's relationship.  100 or more pages shorter and I would recommend this as a light read.