Monday, October 27, 2014

The Haven by Carol Lynch Williams

Shiloh lives at Haven Hospital, a place for the Terminals where they can be kept safe and won't infect others with their illness.  The Terminals are happy and calm at all times and spend their days eating well, going to school and drinking their tonic. The only disruption to their lives is when the director of the hospital comes during lunchtime to take one of the Terminals away after receiving medical test results.  When they return, those Terminals are always missing body parts - if they return at all.  Shiloh is lucky to only be missing one lung from her operation but she lives in fear that her test results might require her to be taken again.  When her friend Abigail takes Shiloh to a late night meeting with two boys she doesn't believe what they are telling her.  The others claim that there is no disease and that the Terminals are just body doubles for wealthy people on the outside.  But when she stops taking her tonic, Shiloh's mind begins to clear and the truth is more shocking than she imagined.

Sounds great, right?  But there was way too much lead-in to the real action of the story.  And although I dislike formulaic things, I was wishing that Shiloh was a little more feisty like some other heroines and wouldn't be the drugged sheep the administrators were expecting.  I just had a hard time getting through the book.