Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Taking by Kimberly Derting

Kyra has a bright future ahead of her.  She is a star softball player who should have her choice of colleges and she has the perfect boyfriend.  But all of that literally disappears with Kyra in a flash of light.  When she awakes she finds that she has been missing for five years and she has no memory of that time.  Kyra still has the bruises and cuts she had on the day she disappeared.  Her boyfriend is now in college, living with her best friend.  Her parents have divorced and her mom is remarried with a baby while her father has become an alien abduction nut living in a trailer filled with articles about government cover-ups.  The only person Kyra feels she can talk to is Tyler, her boyfriend's kid brother who is now the same age as Kyra.  Together, they find there are lots of others who have been taken and that her father's conspiracy theories aren't so crazy after all. 

Great start to this book but then I lost interest for the most part.  In particular, I had a difficult time with Kyra and Tyler's relationship which was too fast and intense for me to believe.  However, the very end of the book was intriguing and now I'm interested in seeing what exactly has happened to the characters at the beginning of the next one.