Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Cadence is part of the Sinclair family.  Each summer all the Sinclairs gather on their own private island off Martha's Vineyard where the patriarch of the family has built a house for each of his grown daughter's families.  Cadence is the oldest grandchild but her cousins Mirren and Johnny are close behind her.  Together these oldest cousins call themselves the Liars along with Gat, the nephew of one of the adults' boyfriend.  The Liars do everything together on the island and Cady and Gat fall in love.  But something happens during summer fifteen.   Cady is found in the water wearing only her underwear with a bump on her head.  She doesn't remember how she got there or much of anything else from the summer and then she begins to suffer from migraines.  The following summer she tours Europe with her father but in summer seventeen she insists on spending at least half the summer on the island.  Slowly Cady begins to remember bits and pieces of the missing summer...

I was promised by a couple of readers and numerous reviews that this book had an explosive twist at the end.  I don't know that I was as surprised as I thought it would be, but it is still a pretty good resolution to the story.  Even if you don't know that some big reveal is coming it is obvious from the writing that Cady has some secret she has blocked out of her brain and I was eagerly turning pages trying to figure out what had happened.  The family is deeply flawed and yet loves each other deeply as well.  Just like many real families.  Try it for yourself!