Sunday, December 21, 2014

All Four Stars by Tara Dairman

Gladys loves good food and she loves to cook.  The problem is that her parents only eat very bad take out food and what they try to cook is even worse.  Gladys has been secretly cooking great things after school but she is found out when she sets the kitchen curtains on fire.  Now she is banned from cooking for six months!  Gladys hopes to make her parents understand how important food is to her by winning an essay contest where she describes her future dream job of being a food reviewer.  Due to a mix-up at the newspaper, Gladys is hired to be a freelance food reviewer and given the job of reviewing a new dessert restaurant in the city.  But how will she get herself into the city in time to visit the restaurant and submit her review?

Just a light, fun book, especially for budding foodies.  Gladys is a charming character and I liked the new friends she makes as well.  I thought the food her parents made was too bad to be believable but that does add a comedic element to the story.  Perhaps a little more suited overall to upper elementary rather than middle school.