Sunday, December 21, 2014

Slated by Teri Terry

Kyla is joining her new family after being "slated":  having all of her memories and personality wiped clean.  Children and teens are given the opportunity to be slated after committing serious crimes so they have a second chance at life.  Kyla has a lot to learn about life outside the hospital where her procedure took place but she begins to adjust with the help of her new parents and sister. She also attends a support group with others who have been slated which is where she meets Ben.  As Kyla learns the rules of this new life she notices that she is different from the other slateds - she remembers more things, even some things from her life before the slating process, and doesn't seem to be as dazed as they all are.  But being different isn't a good thing in this case and could lead to extreme danger.

Many people had told me how much they loved this book which is why I was anxious to read it even though it was published a few years ago.  But the story fell flat for me.  It took too long to get around to what was happening about what Kyla remembered and I didn't find anything that set this apart from any others in this genre.  I don't mind a good rehash of familiar ground, but nothing grabbed me here.