Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beware the Wild by Natalie Parker

Sterling's town is set right on the edge of a swamp.  Swamps can be creepy enough but their swamp is known to be dangerous.  People who go into the swamp never come back out.  In fact, Sterling's grandfather built a fence that separates the swamp from the town and no one ever crosses that fence.  But after a fight, Sterling's older brother Phin hopped the fence and went into the swamp.  Hours later Sterling is watching for Phin when she sees movement and soon, a person coming towards her from the swamp.  But the person who comes out is not Phin, it is a girl named Lenora May and everyone in town, including their parents, has forgotten Phin and acts as if Lenora May has always been Sterling's sister. What has the swamp down with her brother and is it possible for Sterling to get him back?

This is a deliciously creepy story in the typical southern literature fashion.  You can feel the swamp breathing down your neck and getting closer.  Lenora May is a great character as is Sterling's best friend Candy.  Good story with incredible atmosphere.