Monday, June 29, 2015

Blood Will Tell by April Henry

Nick, Alexis and Ruby are teen volunteers with the Portland Search and Rescue team and they are called out to help locate a missing young girl.  The girl is found but is seriously injured in the process and Nick is instrumental in helping her survive.  The very next day the team is called out to find evidence in a lot where a woman was murdered - only six blocks from Nick's house.  Before too long it becomes clear that the police consider Nick to be their prime suspect and with good reason; they found DNA that could only have come from someone in his family.  As the police work to get a complete DNA match, Nick and his friends have to figure out how this could have happened.  But time is getting short and the real killer is about to make his next move.

This book is the second in a series with these same characters although both books stand alone.  Like all of Henry's books, this one is a page-turner with suspense and red herrings.  It will be just as popular as her other titles and rightfully so.