Monday, June 29, 2015

I'll Have What She's Having: My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting by Rebecca Harrington

In a rare occurrence I read book that is intended for adults!  Harrington embarked on a mission to try to follow the diets of many different celebrities and recorded the results in this book.  The premise is great and the book is short enough to read in one sitting.  I started it filled with the anticipation of reading about how ridiculous celebrities are in their eating and how impossible it would be for real people to follow their regimes.  I guess that's in there but it's not as obvious as I expected.  In fact, Harrington actually enjoys some of the food she tries.  She tries to emulate Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, and many more.  Some of the foods these people eat/ate are downright disgusting while others basically don't eat anything at all.  So I guess I did come away with the feeling that I'm glad I don't have to be THAT concerned about my appearance because I'm certainly not that dedicated.  I wish there had been a little more depth to the book - not in terms of meaningful content, just a deeper exploration of the people she is profiling - but it's still a fun and easy way to pass a couple of hours.