Monday, June 15, 2015

No Parking at the End Times by Bryan Bliss

Abigail's parents sold all their belongings an moved across the country to join Brother John's congregation before the world ended.  But now it is the day after he predicted the apocalypse and they are still here, living in their van on the streets of San Francisco.  Abigail's parents are still devout followers of Brother John but Abs and her twin Aaron have their doubts and want to go back home to North Carolina.  Abigail wants her family to stay together and hopes that her parents will see that they are in dire straits.  Aaron just wants to leave and has a plan to get them home, no matter what it takes.

This was an intriguing story that had me thinking throughout.  Abigail's parents truly didn't see how bad off they were and didn't question their faith.  That's actually what I was liking the most of the story - how clueless her folks were even in the face of some bad things - but then the pat ending sort of ruined things for me.  Left me feeling "eh".