Friday, June 12, 2015

Playing with Matches by Suri Rosen

Raina is living in Toronto with her aunt and uncle after she was thrown out of her school in New York.  Already lonely and uncertain in her new school, Raina is even more upset when her beloved sister arrives and blames Raina for her broken engagement.  Raina begins talking with a young woman she meets on the bus and accidentally ends up playing matchmaker for her by setting her up with a young man staying with her aunt and uncle.  Somehow, word gets around and soon Raina is receiving e-mails from desperate Jewish singles asking for her help in finding someone to love, including her sister who doesn't know who Matchmaven is.  Raina really wants to find a good match for her sister to heal their relationship and see her sister happy again but she is also getting pulled into the love lives of many of her other clients.  So much so that the rest of her life is suffering.

This was a really fun, if somewhat predictable, book.  I actually got just a little teary here and there at the end as things resolved.  Raina's big secret of why she was thrown out of her other school was not as shocking as we'd been led to believe but her reconciliation with her victim was sweet.  Nothing deep but thoroughly enjoyable!