Monday, June 15, 2015

Seven Second Delay by Tom Easton

Mila and her mentor Julian are trying to cross into the Isles, the only place in Europe where people have enough to eat and don't live such difficult lives.  Mila is looking forward to leading a quiet life but Julian is killed and she is captured by the Agency.  When Mila is given a phone in her head just like the residents of the Isles she thinks she will have a chance to have a normal, although monitored, life.  But when her head is scanned to make sure the phone is in place the Agency discovers something else in her head that they assume is a bomb.  They will do anything to stop Mila from activating the bomb including destroying buildings and killing civilians who get in the way.  The only advantage Mila has is that the video feed from her phone has a seven second delay.  Mila has to be smart enough to use that seven seconds to her advantage.

This is an action-packed book and Mila's ingenuity and skills in eluding capture are impressive.  There are several situations that strain your ability to suspend your disbelief, but they are not too out there.