Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

Long ago the Jin and the humans worked together to advance knowledge and solve problems.  But some humans only wanted to use the Jin to grant wishes for their own gain and the passage between the two groups was closed.  Now each side seeks a way to win the war between them once and for all.  Najwa is a jinni training to be a spy.  On a classroom exercise she discovers that she can transport herself inside the walls of the palace, something no other Jin can do because of the wards in place there.  Eager to try again, she ends up on a barge looking at a human girl who looks exactly like her.  That girl is Zayele and she is being sent to marry the prince against her will.  Guessing the Najwa is a jinni, Zayele grabs hold of her and wishes to be sent back home with the jinni taking her place.  Unable to refuse, Najwa does indeed end up bound for the palace and Zayele disappears.  But she finds herself in the Jin's caverns.  How could her wish have landed her amongst the Jin and how can she escape before they discover who she is?

This is an interesting fantasy set in a different world than most of what we've seen recently.  The reason for the mix up is pretty simple to figure out but the characters are still interesting and their situations still fraught with danger and problems.  Their respective romances didn't interest me much and felt more tacked on, not something that was necessary for the story as a whole. Still, something unique and easy to read.