Saturday, September 12, 2015

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender

Willa has just moved to Hollywood with her mother and new stepfather, a very famous director.  She doesn't mind the move and likes her stepfather well enough but misses her friends.  Hollywood is shaken up by a series of murders that have occurred where young actresses have been killed and their bodies staged in the death scenes of famous movies such as "The Birds".  That shouldn't be an issue for Willa, however, who has no interest in acting or the movie business.  The problem Willa is having is that she can see ghosts.  She tries to deny this ability and ignore those she sees, but the one that is haunting her in her new home is insistent and frightening.  When Willa finally begins listening to the ghost and translating her messages, she realizes that this is the ghost of one of victims of the serial killer and she wants Willa's help to bring the killer to justice.

Alender is a popular author with teens striking the right balance of horror and romance for young adults.  Her writing is not astounding but it is fast and enjoyable and this is another title that will be read voraciously.