Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jackaby by William Ritter

Abigail is an independent young woman looking for a job in 1892.  She finds a position as an assistant for Jackaby, a private investigator who seems supernatural things no one else sees.  Jackaby is able to see ghosts and spot the signs of werewolves. He believes that the murder they are investigating has some unusual aspects to it, especially when a neighbor reports hearing screaming all day long, a sure sign he is hearing a banshee wail at his own upcoming death.  At Jackaby's house, Abigail meets the ghost who lives there and helps take care of the house and Jackaby's former assistant who has been transformed into a duck.  More deaths are piling up and it appears that Jackaby and Abigail have only a short time to solve the crimes because they have both started hearing the wailing of the banshee for themselves.

A delicious blend of fantasy, horror, comedy, and historical fiction (which I don't usually like).  I like both Jackaby and Abigail as characters and found the oddball parts of the story right up my alley.  Fun!