Saturday, September 12, 2015

Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

Rose is obsessed with homonyms.  She collects them in her notebook, writing down new ones whenever she hears them.  Not surprisingly, she is not very popular as school because of her odd behaviors and because she has an adult assigned to be her permanent helper.  Her life at home is also a little tough with her distant, brusque father who seems to spend a good deal of his time at the local bar.  Her father did do one nice thing for Rose, though, when he brought home a stray dog Rose named Rain.  Rain is her best friend and companion.  The other person Rose can count on is her uncle who visits as often as possible but isn't there as often as Rose would like.

When  a hurricane threatens Rose's father says they do not need to evacuate since he believes the storm will not be that bad.  His prediction is wrong and the day after the storm the creek at the bottom of their property has swelled and swept away the bridge the allows them to leave home.  Worse than that, Rose's father let Rain out the night before during the hurricane and didn't get her back in so Rain is missing, presumably swept away in the strong water.  Rose begins a search for Rain knowing that she could be many miles away from home by now if she's even still alive. 

I will let you, my reader, know that Rain is not dead so you won't have to worry about that.  But giving you that reassurance does not let you off the hook for the heart-wrenching emotion that is to come in this book.  I found myself a little concerned upon starting the book because of the constant inclusion of all the homonyms and was worried it was going to be gimmicky.  But the story moved on to the real meat which is just lovely and sad and happy.