Monday, September 14, 2015

Savage Mountain by Jon Smelcer

Brothers Sebastian and James are constantly belittled by their father but they keep it a secret because everyone else in town believes he is a great guy.  Sebastian has reacted to the verbal abuse by being an overachiever hoping to one day gain his father's respect.  James has gone the other way, rebelling and getting into trouble.  In one last desperate attempt to earn some praise, the brothers decide to climb a nearby mountain that rises 16,000 feet.  They recklessly set off on their quest without telling anyone what they are doing.  Will their plan finally get them the recognition they crave or will it end up killing both of them?

This is a short book that has a lot of action on the face of it but I ended up feeling a bit bored by the time I was through with it.  The writing was pedantic at points.  I did, however, enjoy the description of Alaska and the growth of the brothers who eventually begin to see that winning their father's love isn't what they need to be okay.