Monday, September 14, 2015

The Body in the Woods by April Henry

Alexis, Nick and Ruby are all part of the Portland Search and Rescue Team.  They have all volunteered for their own personal reasons but are excited to receive their first call to help.  They are looking for a missing autistic man who is believed to be wandering in the woods.  As they work their grid looking for signs of the man, Alexis instead finds the body of a teen about their age who has been murdered.  The three teens want to help the police with the investigation but the police are, unsurprisingly, not interested in the help of teenagers.  But quirky, methodical Ruby does her own investigating and becomes convinced that this body is tied to other deaths and that they might be dealing with a serial killer.  What the three new friends don't realize is that the killer is watching them as well and has decided that one of them might be his next victim.

Typical April Henry which is to say, a fast read with lots of suspense and red herrings.  I felt that the killer in this one wasn't quite fair in terms of giving the reader a good shot of guessing who it was.  But it was still an easy book that kept me turning pages.  I liked all three characters as well and look forward to reading more about them.