Saturday, October 24, 2015

Beneath by Roland Smith

Pat has always idolized his older brother Coop, who is fascinated with life underground.  When the boys were younger Pat helped Coop dig a tunnel from their house to nearly the center of town.  But when the tunnel collapsed after and accidental gas explosion, Coop was investigated as a domestic terrorist and eventually left home without a word to Pat.  So Pat is delighted when he finally begins receiving letters telling him of his brother's new life in New York City where Coop has found an underground community.  When the letters suddenly stop Pat decides his brother must be in trouble and sneaks away to locate the subway tunnel community.  But it turns out Coop has gone even further beneath the city to a community from which no one ever leaves.

I believe that I have an issue with books set underground as I don't think I've ever liked any of them.  Except for maybe City of Ember.  Besides the setting, which definitely does not appeal to me, I found this to be a slow-moving story with not much action until the very end.  Just couldn't get involved with either character nor what was happening to them.