Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hide and Seek by Catherine MacPhail

Nicole can't wait to play a trick on the new girl, Destiny.  She begins telling Destiny a story about someone who died in the school and how the ghost still lives there and appears at night.  When she has Destiny reeled in, Nicole suggests they spend the night at the school to see the ghost firsthand and even though she doesn't really want to, Destiny agrees to go along with the plan.  What she doesn't know is that Nicole has played mean tricks on others in the past with the help of several friends and she has called all of them in to help again.  Their play is to play everything just like a horror movie with each one going off to find something and never coming back.  The plan seems to be going perfectly, maybe even a little too convincingly...

This book is intended for middle to high school students who are reading at about the first or second grade level and it is perfect for that crowd.  The cover is cool and the story is just the type of thing teens want to read. Many books written for struggling readers read exactly like that - stilted and obvious.  This book can easily "pass" as actual middle school fiction.  One of many published by Saddleback.