Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Speak Dolphin by Ginny Rorby

Lily spends most of her time taking care of her half-brother Adam who has autism.  Lily's mother died and her stepfather seems unwilling to recognize that Adam needs special help.  When her stepfather, Don, gets a call about helping a young dolphin who has cancer he agrees to help because he has heard about the positive effect swimming with dolphins can have on people with autism.  Adam is already obsessed with dolphins and he quickly forms a strong bond with dolphin Nori.  Lily loves seeing her brother happy and communicative but she doesn't like the conditions in which Nori lives.  With a friend, Lily has also researched and found that dolphin therapy is unproven so there is no solid reason to keep Nori in captivity.  But convincing Don to help free the dolphin is another matter. 

If you've seen "Blackfish" your heart will break a little reading this story and imagining Nori's struggles.  A good story for younger readers.