Saturday, October 24, 2015

Portraits of Celina by Sue Whiting

Bayley is still grieving for her father when her mother uproots them and settles in a family lake house in the middle of nowhere.  In her new place Bayley finds a trunk containing clothes and personal items from a distant relative named Celina who disappeared 40 years ago.  Bayley likes Celina's style and begins wearing the clothes from the trunk and when she does, she begins to sense Celina's ghost telling her to "make him pay".  Bayley doesn't know who "he" is but the more time she spends trying to find out, the more she struggles to keep Celina from possessing her entirely.  Bayley finds distraction with Oliver, the cute, rich boy who lives across the lake from her whose family just might be connected to Celina's disappearance.

Celina's ghost is creepy and persistent so this is a good choice for lovers of ghost stories.  I thought that the killer was a bit too obvious.  So much so that I'd discarded him from my options, assuming he was a red herring.