Saturday, October 31, 2015

Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Matt's best friend Aman has lived in England for the past six years after his family escaped from Afghanistan.  Despite his years in England, now his family is being deported and he and his mother are waiting in a refugee camp hoping for some help.  Matt tells the story of Aman's escape to his grandfather hoping that somehow he can help his friend.  Aman's escape was greatly aided by a stray dog he named Shadow who stuck with him across four countries and through torture by the Taliban.  Now it looks like the family will need another miracle to avoid being sent back to the nightmare from which they escaped.

 I know this is supposed to be a deeply moving story of atrocities and survival and perseverance and a dog but that's exactly how it read to me and not in a deep, heartstring-tugging way.  The real life issues happening in Afghanistan and in places governed by radical groups such as the Taliban are sad and moving but this was too stilted and obviously meant to be moving to actually move me.  Even the dog didn't draw me in.