Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Spider Ring by Andrew Hartwell

Maria's grandmother has always loved spiders, something Maria does not understand.  When Grandma Esme dies she leaves Maria a spider-shaped ring and a note saying "The spiders are your friends.  Do not abuse their friendship."  The night Maria idly wishes that she had something new to wear and is stunned when a pack of spiders sets to work getting her a new outfit.  Maria realizes that with the ring she now has the ability to command brown recluse spiders who will do whatever she asks.  Soon, however, Maria is approached by a mysterious man from her grandmother's past which leads her to realize that there are several spider rings and one person who wants to own all of them - someone who is willing to kill whomever gets in her way.

A fine book with a good premise but the story overall was an "eh" for me.  It should make for a good booktalk and be a fairly easy sell, especially because it is short, but I didn't care all that much about what was happening.