Saturday, October 31, 2015

Twerp by Mark Goldblatt

Julian "Twerp" Twerski has just returned from a week long suspension to find that his class is studying Shakespeare.  In lieu of writing a paper about Shakespeare, Julian's teacher allows him to keep a journal.  Through the course of the journal Julian reveals a lot about his life, his best friends, and, eventually, what he did that caused him to be suspended in the first place.  

Here is the problem I had with this book:  I didn't like any of the characters much.  Julian eventually grew on me as I learned more about him but that took quite awhile.  I think that I'm supposed to find his best friend funny but all I saw was that Lonnie was clever and manipulative and the main reason Julian kept getting in trouble.  Their friendship seemed real but not enjoyable for this reader. Also, it's set in the past which is always a problem when selling to teens.