Saturday, October 31, 2015

Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Theodora adored her grandfather who was the glue holding her life together.  Her mother is always working and totally out of touch with the day to day running of the household and earning money so it was up to Grandpa Jack to make ends meet and take care of Theo.  As he was dying he whispered that there was a letter and a treasure hidden "under the egg".  Now, without Jack's social security, Theo could really use a treasure to keep their house but the only egg she knows of is a painting of a large egg.  When she accidentally strips off some of the egg painting and sees something else underneath it, she sets off trying to solve the mystery of what could be hidden there and how her grandfather came to own it.

Reading the reviews of this book which compared it to other mysteries I didn't like made me reluctant to even begin Under the Egg.  So I was very pleasantly surprised by the story once I finally started.  I enjoyed Theo and Bodhi's investigation and I learned a lot about the Monuments Men which then made me watch the movie about them which further enhanced my appreciation of this book.  Plus, the movie had George Clooney so what could go wrong there?  Good mystery with more to it that it originally seems.