Thursday, October 29, 2015

Whatever After: Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski

Abby's younger brother Jonah drags her into the basement of their new home where he has discovered a large mirror making strange noises.  When the siblings knock on the mirror three times they are sucked into it to fairy tale land  where they meet Snow White.  Abby and Jonah arrive just as Snow is about to eat an apple from an old woman at her door.  Knowing his fairy tales, Jonah knocks the apple away and saves Snow's life.  But if she doesn't eat the poisoned apple, then Snow will never meet her prince and live happily ever after.  Abby and Jonah have to find a way to put the story back on track.

This is a fun book for low readers who don't want to look like they are low readers.  The lexile level is 400 but the story still has good twists and turns to satisfy middle school readers.