Friday, November 6, 2015

Devoted by Jennifer Mathieu

Rachel is part of a Quiverful family - a patriarchal, fundamentalist religion that believes in big families where girls are controlled by their fathers and then their husbands.  Rachel's parents have ten children and she has always assumed she would follow the same path as her older sister who seems blissfully happy with her early marriage and babies.  But Rachel begins to question some of her religious beliefs when her mother becomes pregnant again and doesn't seem to see the dangers of that even after the problems she had with her last pregnancy.  And then Rachel learns that Lauren Sullivan, a girl who left their community several years before, is back in town.  Unsure of what she is doing, Rachel contacts Lauren and the two begin a correspondence that leads to Rachel feeling haunted by the question of what she wants from her life.

I really loved this book for a quick, somewhat trashy read.  That's not to say that is it actually trashy or not well done, it is just a hot topic what with the Dugger's problems so it felt like a glimpse into a real life drama.  Rachel's decision is never treated lightly and her assimilation into regular society is not easy which I'm sure would be very realistic.  Although most of us are not in these extremely restrictive societies, I want girls to read this and become more aware of the ways in which women can be marginalized even in our equal society.