Thursday, November 12, 2015

George by Alex Gino

George knows she is really a girl but she keeps this a secret from everyone, worried about how she will be received when she lets people know she is transgender.  When she is alone, she looks at fashion magazines and imagines what it would be like to live life as the girl she is.  When her class begins preparing for a production of Charlotte's Web, George decides to try out for the part of Charlotte with the encouragement of her best friend Kelly.  Her decision to come out to this extent brings about a lot of opposition but also some support from unexpected sources.

This book shouldn't be dismissed simply because it is being released in the post Caitlin Jenner world and could be accused as jumping on a trendy topic.  Gino does a good job of putting the reader in George's brain and making you feel the discord of living in the wrong body.  It is a good choice for middle schools and the only thing that could be objected to is just the subject matter in general as there is nothing edgy in it other than that.  However, I found George's journey to be a little too simple.  I still liked the book but for transgender lit, I prefer Gracefully Grayson for more depth.