Monday, November 9, 2015

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

 Mare is a Red - a person with red blood.  Most people are Reds and unless they have a special skill, they don't have many options other than entering the military to fight in the never-ending war.  Mare knows she will be conscripted soon but a chance meeting lands her a position working as a servant for the Silvers, the ruling class of the country.  Silvers have silver blood and special powers such as controlling metal or making people do whatever they want by controlling their brains.  The day after Mare starts work the Silvers are having an event to choose a bride for the prince.  Each Silver family has put forth a princess to demonstrate her powers in the arena.  During one demonstration Mare is pitched into the arena and comes under attack by the princess and without thinking, Mare defends herself with powers she didn't know she had.  Powers she shouldn't have.  To cover this up, the Silvers tell everyone that Mare is a long lost Silver who has just been returned to them and will now be engaged to the younger prince.  Mare has no choice but to go along with the ruse but that doesn't mean she can work for the Scarlet Guard rebellion in secret.

This is another dystopia and to me it read just like all the others I have read.  I was not wowed by it nor did I find anything unique about it other than the color of blood.  However, putting my cranky review aside, it has been attracting a lot of interest with my students who are not yet so over the dystopia craze so I can appreciate it for that reason, if not personally.